The Vindependents Solution for Suppliers

  • We are an agency business owned by the leading Independent wine merchants in the UK. These merchants are motivated to buy from Vindependents as they own the company, can control distribution and can buy at circa 5% margin to the agency. In addition, members are able to gain equity in the business based on what they have bought further incentivising sales.
  • Wines will only be listed if most members can get behind the wines so once a supplier has a listing they are guaranteed great quality national distribution into the top independent wine merchants in the country. Most merchants also have a wholesale arm and supply our wines into top quality restaurants across the country.
  • Payment will be taken from members by direct debit so suppliers will be paid on time.
  • If a supplier has large volumes of wines they need to sell, not all of which can be sold into the independent trade we can sell alternative labels to multiples, supermarkets or national wholesalers.